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Hello and welcome to the Butt Crack BBQ website!


We've been making BBQ sauce for many years and decided to start making it for retail sales. We are having very good success with Butt Crack BBQ Sauce and getting almost 100% positive feedback.


It is a thick, tangy (apple cider vinegar) sauce with a little heat (mostly from the black pepper), a little sweet (brown sugar), spicy (onion powder, garlic powder, celery seed) and a little smoky (liquid smoke) with a small amount of salt (only from the worcestershire). It's very tasty and great on all meats!


Truly a gourmet BBQ sauce! No MSG and a very small amount of high fructose corn syrup (only because it's in the tomato products).


Butt Crack All-Purpose Seasoning and Rub is made with a blend of natural seasoning. Use as a dry marinade or seasoning on Beef, Pork, Chicken, or any food you prepare. Best results if sprinkled on meat and refrigerated several hours or overnight before cooking or smoking. Great served with Butt Crack BBQ Sauce! All natural, no additives, no MSG.


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